Shiba Matcha Values

1. Healthy Living

We believe health is important. It affects your overall quality of life and longevity; there are no excuses for neglecting it. Our aim is to provide both products and education that help you take steps towards an active lifestyle.

2. Customer Focus

We aim to serve the customers as you are the reason why we are able to exist. Your trust is important to us and will do our best to build it.

3. Appropriate Pricing

We will never use manipulative marketing tactics such as “flash” discounts or irregular numbers. Our products are always properly priced and you will never need to worry about missing out and when to buy.

4. Community Building

We know it’s important to support the local communities we are present in. We’re always looking for ways for everyone to prosper together.

5. Tradition & Culture

We look to never forget and learn from Asian culture and ideals. Ones that we look to embody is the appreciation for the craft of tea farming and hard work that is involved. This is instilled into the company culture.