Does green tea or matcha break a fast?

You’re standing in the kitchen craving that morning green tea or matcha but unsure if drinking it will break your fast. The good news is that green tea or matcha won’t break your fast and here’s why!

What is breaking a fast?

Essentially it’s transitioning your body from burning one source of fuel to another. In the fasted state this is stored fuel (fat) and the other is regular fuel (food). Taking in a certain amount of food (nutrients) will result in your body producing glucose which will transition your body into burning that instead.

So why won’t it break my fast?

Green tea and matcha will not break your fast because it has close to zero calories. This is similar to black coffee as well. Dr. Jason Fung, a Canadian nephrologist and world-leading expert on intermittent fasting, encourages drinking tea as it helps make it easier to fast and can curb hunger.

“Then you get into variations. So other than water, most people will say teas and green teas and herbal teas are quite fine.”

However, we recommend avoiding all drinks with artificial sweeteners and flavours as they have been shown to still spike insulin levels and lead to cravings of other foods.


There is some debate on the type of fasted state you’ll be in. Some researchers argue that your body will not go through autophagy (a form of clearing out old proteins in cells) if you drink anything else but water. From a general and functional weight loss standpoint you will be fine though.

Want to learn more about fasting?

There is a great podcast below from Balanced Bites and Dr. Jason Fung which goes over intermittent fasting. We also have an article on intermittent fasting and matcha. Ultimately, if you’re doing intermittent fasting, try and make it as enjoyable as possible. They key is being consistent!

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