Matcha Tea Health Benefits For Everyone

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So you’re looking for ways to become a healthier and better version of yourself. You’ve heard about matcha and want to know what it’s all about. Let us explore all the matcha tea health benefits and see how the research stacks up!

Matcha Tea Health Benefits


Matcha is the only form of green tea where all of the contents are consumed directly. As a result, you are able to absorb all of the nutrients. Ultimately, matcha possesses all of the benefits you’d expect from green tea but at a higher concentration and has additional nutrients from its growing technique.

Matcha Bubble Tea and Latte from Urth Cafe
Matcha Bubble Tea and Latte from Urth Cafe

Gives you a clean energy boost

Imagine the energy you get from coffee but without the jitters and a longer period of time. Matcha has been used by Chinese Daoists and Japanese Zen Buddhist monks for centuries to relax and meditate. They use it because it has both caffeine and an amino acid called L-Theanine. L-Theanine produces a calming effect that helps counter the negative effects of caffeine. Thus, giving you a “clean energy boost”.

High in the best anti-oxidants

Matcha contains many different ingredients and is prevalent in catechins, a type of antioxidant. EGCGs (Epigallocatechin-3-gallate) and EGCs (Epigallocatechin) are the most dominant and well known antioxidants in matcha. Both of these have been widely recognized for its ability to boost metabolism and cancer fighting properties (1, 2).

The tea powder also has the highest antioxidant density of any superfood. For example, it has more than 6 times that of Goji Berries.

Matcha ORAC Antioxidants

Strengthens your immune system

Furthermore, antioxidants are generally beneficial to improving the immune system. By guarding it against damage from compounds known as free radicals and similar compounds in the body, matcha keeps the immune system running normally.

Prevents cancer

The two main antioxidants in matcha (EGCGs and EGCs) have been shown to have anticancer properties. This is matcha’s effect and studies:

  • Ability to protect cells from DNA damage caused by reactive oxygen species (3)
  • Inhibit tumor cell creation and induce apoptosis (cancer cell suicide) (4, 5)
  • Shown to stop angiogenesis (blood vessels forming to feed tumors) and tumor cell invasiveness (6)
  • Protect against damage caused by ultraviolet (UV) B radiation (7, 8)
  • Positively influence immune system function (9)

Helpful for Type-2 Diabetics

Drinking matcha or green tea on a regular basis leads to a reduced risk of type-2 diabetes and weight loss. This is the result of the natural tea properties and how it curbs your appetite.

It has also been proven to lower blood sugar levels and stabilize them. In addition, matcha has also shown to safeguard against liver and kidney damage through the suppression of renal AGE accumulation. Liver and kidney complications are common amongst diabetics.

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Improves your heart health

Green tea has been linked to lowering LDL cholesterol (10). It has also been associated with reducing overall cardiovascular risk (11). Furthermore, specifically for diabetics, matcha has also been shown to stop the softening of the heart.

Matcha Tea Health Benefits Good For Your Heart
Matcha Tea Health Benefits Good For Your Heart

Fights infections

EGCGs possess antimicrobial properties and can help with viral, fungal, and bacterial infections (12). This is why people recommend drinking tea when 

Chalk full of the good stuff

Because you are consuming the entire leaf, you get everything. This includes: Vitamin A, Vitamin C, EGCGs, Epigallocatechin (EGC), Epicatechin-3-gallate (ECG), Epicatechin (EC), Potassium, Fiber, and L-Theanine.

Matcha Goodies!
Matcha Goodies!

Detoxifies your body naturally

Lastly, all tea is known as a natural detoxifier and matcha specifically have been shown to activate detoxification enzymes, such as glutathione S-transferase and quinone reductase (13).


As you can see, there are some incredible matcha tea health benefits. It offers a large range of use cases and is a great all natural, low cost way to stay healthy and prevent disease.



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